1. What is the procedure to get land allotted?

Getting land allotment is very simple procedure.
  • Finalise the project for implementing.
  • Approach SIPCOT for choosing required plot Complex / Growth Centre.
  • Submit the application for land allotment - along with required basic particulars.
  • Obtaining the land allotment.
  • Payment of Plot Cost.
  • Taking Possession of land.

2. Where do get the application on land allotment?

The application form is available with at the Head Office and at all Project Officer of SIPCOT on a payment of Rs.250/- by way of D.D. or Cash.

3. What are the documents should be submitted along with application?

  • Brief Project Report
  • Promoters Background details.
  • SSI Registration or SIA or Certificate of Incorporation.
  • Rough sketch of proposed building and plant, to justify the requirement of land.
  • Payment of Initial Deposit @ of Rs.5,000/- per acre and Processing fee of Rs.1,000/- by way of D.D.

4. What are incentives available for starting the units?

All the incentives offered by Govt. of Tamil Nadu as per the G.O. in effect and a location is maintained and serviced by SIPCOT throughout.

5. How soon the allotment could be made?

If the application is submitted along with full details as required, the allotment could be made within a 10 days period.

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